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TiS offers a DOA (Dead On Arrival) period of 28 days on laptops and desktop computers. In the event of a DOA machine, the trade customer should confirm that a hardware fault has occurred and then contact the TIS Warranty Centre on 021-492 9700. (A TIS invoice may be required.) Please note that all user-data must be securely removed prior to return. Total Import Solutions accepts no responsibility for data.

It will be collected by courierwithin 2 working days. On arrival in the Warranty Centre, it will be examinedand replaced within 5 working days if a hardware fault is found.

If no hardwarefault is found, the trade customer will be charged an evaluation fee of aminimum of 75 euro and the machine will be returned to them as is.

TIS also offers 28 days DOA on TVs. Trade customers may call the RMA Manager,Jennifer O'Donovan, on 021-492 9700 to book in a DOA television. The end user's proof ofpurchase will be required, along with a completed RMA form.

The standard manufacturers' warranty covers any fault that occurred as aresult of the manufacturing process.

The following are NOT covered by manufacturers' or TIS warranty:

* Software problems including but not limited to: installed programs notworking, configuration errors, forgotten passwords of any kind (including BIOSand HDD), and errors caused by unintentional misuse such as accidental deletionof system files

* Any malfunction caused by upgrades that were not performedby an authorised TIS technician

* Errors or malfunctions caused by userdamage such as broken power pins, cracked cases or scratches

* Errors ormalfunctions caused by damage from improper use

* Errors or malfunctionscaused by environmental factors such as excessive heat

* Virus, trojans ormalware infections

* Broken or cracked LCD screens

* Damage caused by liquidspills

If the laptop has a fault that is not covered under warranty, the end usermay choose to pay for the repair instead of having the machine sent back to themas is. TIS will then send them a quote for the full cost.

If the laptop cannot be repaired, but the fault is covered under warranty,TIS will issue a replacement of the same or higher specification.

If the laptop cannot be repaired, and the fault is not covered under warranty, the end user may choose to pay an evaluation charge of €75 (seventy five Euro) to have it sent back as is, or they may give TIS written permission to have the machine disposed of in a responsible manner. In this case, the hard drive will be destroyed any data on it will be lost.

TIS is NOT liable for user-data. By booking an item with us you agree that it can be wiped without further contact. We routinely wipe items to rule out software errors.

TIS does not offer technical support for Samsung laptops at this time. Pleaserefer to the product manual or the manufacturer's website for information onwhere to obtain technical support.

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