philips evnia


Evnia speaks to everyone regardless of gender, age or level of gaming.


Evnia is forward-thinking and inventive. Our pioneering and inclusive approach intends to create a modern ambiance in the gaming realm while also harnessing the experience of the Philips' brand.


Evnia strives to be an advocate for postive change in our industry while also maintaining a playful spirit.

Evnia is about owning your gaming experience and we believe there is a certain freedom in that.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy your game, our products are designed for everyone.


Evnia 8000


  • 49inch 4ms QD OLED
  • 5120x1440 240Hz
  • Curved

Evnia 8000


  • 32inch 0.03ms QD OLED
  • 3440 x 1440 175Hz
  • Curved

Evnia 5000


  • 32inch 5ms VA LCD
  • 1920 x 1080 240Hz
  • Curved

Futuristic Design with the Planet in Mind

Evnia's monitors are made with a sleek design and the stand's feet and top cover are made from 35% recycled plastic.

Our products will leave you feeling like you are investing in the future of gaming.

AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro; smooth, low latency HDR gaming

Gaming shouldn't be a choice between choppy gameplay or broken frames. AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro provides the true HDR gaming experience: a combination of smooth gaming at peak performance, and exceptional high dynamic range visuals while still maintaining low latency.

Curved display design for a more immersive experience

Desktop monitors offer a personal user experience, which suits a curve design very well. The curved screen provides a pleasant yet subtle immersion effect, which focuses on you at the center of your desk.

Ambiglow intensifies entertainment with a halo of light

Ambiglow adds a new dimension to your viewing experience. The innovative Ambiglow technology enhances the content on the screen by creating a halo of light from the monitor. Its fast processor analyses the incoming image content and continuously adapts the colour and brightness of the emitted light to match the image. Especially suited for watching movies, sports or playing games, Philips Ambiglow offers you a unique and immersive viewing experience.

LowBlue mode and Flicker-free easy-on-the eyes viewing

Our LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology have been developed to reduce eye strain and fatigue often caused by long hours in front of a monitor.

SmartImage game mode optimized for gamers

The new Philips gaming display has quick access OSD fine tuned for gamers, offering you multiple options. "FPS" mode (First person shooting) improves dark themes in games, allowing you to see hidden objects in dark areas. "Racing" mode adapts display with fastest response time, high color, along with image adjustments. "RTS" mode (Real time strategy) has a special SmartFrame mode which enables highlighting of specific area and allows for size and image adjustments. Gamer 1 and Gamer 2 enable you to save personal customized settings based on different games, ensuring best performance.

QD OLED for superior colors and vibrant visuals

QD-OLED represents a hybrid approach that marries OLED panels and quantum dot technology. By combining what's best of both, QD-OLED guarantees high contrast, deep blacks and unlimited viewing angles, with a higher peak brightness and more vibrant colours.

True 10-bit display reproduces smoother gradients on visuals

With this Philips true 10-bit color display, you can see color critical professional work of exceptional color accuracy and meeting professional standards. Compared with conventional 8-bit color display, this Philips monitor produces a more natural transition between hues for smoother gradients.

DisplayHDR™ TrueBlack 400 delivers incredible shadow details

This Philips monitor is certified with VESA DisplayHDR™ True Black 400. Delivering stunningly accurate shadow detail with deeper blacks for a remarkable visual experience compared with conventional monitors of the same peak luminance. This Philips monitor comes with several HDR modes, each optimized for your usage scenarios: HDR Game, HDR Movie, HDR Photo, and VESA DisplayHDR certified level.