Tier1Asset A/S (T1A) – Europe’s Leading IT Refurbisher

Announcement! We are the first company in Denmark to achieve the R2v3 certification.

The R2v3 (Responsible Recycling) certification solidifies our leadership in computer refurbishment, together with our current ISO standards: 9001-14001-27001-37001 and 45001.

What is R2v3?
It’s a prestigious recognition awarded to organizations that adhere to the highest standards in electronics recycling and refurbishment. It ensures safe and correct handling of used IT and can demonstrate 100% transparent processes throughout the recycling chain. This enables us to meticulously monitor each component of a device throughout the entirety of the recycling process, tracing its journey until it reaches its final state as either IT waste or a valuable raw material.

Why do business with us?

🌱 Safe and correct handling of end-of-life IT throughout the recycling process.
🌍 Reduce carbon emissions and IT waste minimizing environmental intoxication.
💻 Refurbishment actively promotes resource conservation.
🔒  We guarantee secure handling and stringent sanitation procedures to safeguard data privacy.

Make the sustainable choice. Contact us today for responsible solutions for your end-of-use IT equipment.